Theme parks and crowd handling after the Covid-19 period
The Experience Ticket solves the No.1 guest complaint by providing a unique & totally queue free theme park experience for all guests. It's the only fully integrated system of its kind: access, paper & digital tickets, season passes, guest planning, queue management, CRM, HRM, POS, web shop & visitor video system
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Theme parks and crowd handling after the Covid-19 period

Theme parks and crowd handling after the Covid-19 period

The Covid-19 pandemic makes us humans look different to other humans. We keep distance with as reason that the other person might be contagious. We are more suspicious to others. How will this affect our feelings after this Covid-19 is gone?

There are two theories: We might get over it and continue our life as we did before, or, as many scientists predict, we might change our behavior and become more cautious about infections. In case we become more cautious, how will this affect the Theme Park business? Theme parks are known as crowded places, where people are often packed, with queue lines as the most intense form of this.

Do guests really want to stay in queue lines after Covid-19? Or do they prefer to go to Theme parks without queue lines?

The Theme park world is used to queue lines and it is even part of their business plans. But maybe this is the time to step away from traditional models and look into alternative business plans. What if you can manage to run a Theme park without queue lines? Does this negatively influence your daily capacity?

We at the Experience Ticket have studied this question for many years already and have the answers to almost all questions for running Theme parks without queue lines. We looked into the capacity, we looked into the business models and we even have the systems available to run Theme parks without queue lines.

The good news is that operating without queue lines is possible, remaining the capacity and improving your business models. Just a question: Have you ever thought about your F&B turnover if guests get more time by not standing in queue lines anymore?

Feel free to contact us to discuss these questions with our team of experts.

Peter Rødbro