The Experience Ticket solves the No.1 guest complaint by providing a unique & totally queue free theme park experience for all guests. It's the only fully integrated system of its kind: access, paper & digital tickets, season passes, guest planning, queue management, CRM, HRM, POS, web shop & visitor video system
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Our mission

The Experience is not just a brand and company name. It’s a web-based IT product build on a concept that aims to offer a unique personalized experience for guests visiting attractions like Theme Parks, amusements parks, Zoo’s aquariums and other Location Based Attractions.


What do we sell?

A fully integrated ticketing, booking & guest planning system.

Main Modules:

Digital tickets
Operations Management
On-site ticketing including Season Passes and Group Tickets
Human Resource Management
POS System for shopping
Reseller Distribution

Our Technology

Built under the wings of Microsoft’s .NET architecture, The Experience concept framework supports the most demanding solutions. The Experience consists of a complex ride reservation, transaction and booking processing engine that is a highly extensible, flexible, and scalable foundation on which you can create a solution that exactly matches your needs.

The Experience Ticket is fully Web based & consists of 4 Different Parts:

Admin User Interface
User-driven, security enabled, different profiles, eg. groupsale, support, marketing
Self-service Kiosk Application
Booking, Ticketing, Shopping & Cashless Payment
Guest Web Interface
Booking, Shopping, Ticketing & Payments
Guest Mobile Interface
Booking, Ticketing & Cashless Payment
You don’t have to invest in any other system software to put up the system. The only thing you need is PC´s with a browser and connection to The Internet. No coding is needed. The running of the applications are user driven and configurable.

Our services

System Consulting
New Releases/Updates
IT system outsourcing
Targeted training; production, marketing, sales and planning
Online marketing and management consulting


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